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Phang Siaw Fui
AIA Agency Director

Very good-looking website! The Team is easy to work with and solves any issues quickly.

Alex Chua
BE Solutions

I was not sure at first. But then they guide and advise me very professionally. Now I really satisfied with their work.

Faizal Samat
Group FMS

Webpage yang dibuat hebat dan mudah difahami oleh klien FMS dan mendapat respons baik dari prospek yang ingin mendaftar Persijilan MOF , CIDB dan UPK.

Aida Lim
Financial Consutant

Even though I am quite picky on what I want for my landing page. Their Team is very responsive and easy to work with.

Limited Offer! • The best landing page deal

So, Why Have A Landing Page?

Okay, let’s be honest – Having just a website that nobody is visiting is the same as opening a shop and people are just passing by.

And both are FRUSTRATING.

A landing page could be the solution to that problem. It can be your 24-hour digital salesperson that share the best offerings that you have and bring new customers everyday!

A Landing Page Could Be The Path For Your Business Success

It’s the difference between the 1,929,999,999 websites that don’t make money, and the .000000002% that do!

Without A Landing Page
No Customers
No Sales
Confusing Buying Process
With A Landing Page
New Customers
Increase Sales
Clear Buying Process

Do You Feel You Want To End The Frustration?

The Get The Limited Offer Today!

Limited Offer! • The best landing page deal

Doesn't Matter If You're Selling Products or Services...

If You Build Your Landing Page With Us
You Will Have Access to These Features

If You Build Your Landing Page With Us You Will Have Access to These Features

Get It ALL Here!

If you build with us you'll get...

Your Landing Page

We know you might be able to build your own website using Wix or Shopify. But it might take forever to build one. And the question is will the landing page be attractive and able to bring you, new customers?

The Landing Page will be...
Fast. The faster it is the more conversion & sales you'll get
Custom design based on your preference and need
Conversion Focused following funnel strategies

Limited Offer! • The best landing page deal

Limited Offer! • The best landing page deal

If you build with us you'll get...

Your CRM

Getting new customers to your website is great. But keeping them as your customer is the most important.

With Built in CRM, you can...
​Store and maintain​ your leads and past customers
​Build relationship ​ through personalised communication
​Get a detailed insight on what your customers
If you build with us you'll get...


Doesn’t matter if you sell physical or digital products. You’ll get an e-commerce function with a smooth and speedy checkout process. 

With Ecommerce , you can...
List your available products

Get people to purchase directly from the landing page

Have a seamless checkout process

Limited Offer! • The best landing page deal

Limited Offer! • The best landing page deal

If you build with us you'll get...

Your Email Marketing

Using email marketing is crucial to follow up with your customers to build relationship with them and also get repeat business. 

With Email Marketing, you can...

Create custom email to specific customer

Automations based on customers’ behaviour

Run A/B Tests, Track Link Clicks

If you build with us you'll get...

Your Analytics

Get insights into the data. Data is King so you would want it to make the right decision to avoid losing money.

With Analytics, you can...

Get important data on what is working and what is not

Track open rates, click-through rates, page conversion rate, average cart value, and more

Monitor email performance

Limited Offer! • The best landing page deal

Limited Offer! • The best landing page deal

If you build with us you'll get...

Live Chat Integration

To be able to be easily reached by your potential customers is important to answer their concerns.

With Live Chat, you can...

Have an automated reply

Have real-time notifications

Store conversations data

Put in Simpler Terms...

You Can Have Landing Page For These Reasons

Share About Your Business

Let people know about who you are and what are you offering.

Sell Your Products

Get sales by integrating your landing page with e-commerce function.

Sell Your Services

Showcase your services offers to your potential customers.

Generate New Leads

Get continuous new leads for your business. You can focus on closing.

Get New Email Subscribers

Grow your subscriber and let more people benefit from your content.

Share Your Portfolio

Build a professional portfolio and get more customers.

Sell Your Courses

Make people invested in your courses.

Team Recruitment

Build a bigger team to grow.

Many Others...

Just let us know and we’ll build it for you.

Are You In These Business?

We Best Work In These Types of Business (Not Limited Tho)...


Real Estate, Gym & Clinics



Beauty, Fashion, Baby products & Health Care


NGO, charities & foundations


Restaurants, Manufacturers & Bakery

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Limited Offer! • The best landing page deal


A landing page is a standalone web page designed to promote a specific offer or product. It’s essential for targeted marketing campaigns as it focuses visitors’ attention and encourages them to take a specific action, such as signing up or making a purchase.

We work closely with you to understand your goals and target audience. Our team designs a custom landing page that aligns with your brand and message. We optimize it for conversion, integrate compelling visuals, persuasive copy, and strong calls to action (CTAs) to guide visitors towards your desired goal.

Absolutely. We can seamlessly integrate the landing page with your current website or create a standalone page, depending on your preferences. Our goal is to ensure a consistent user experience across all touchpoints.

The timeline can vary based on the complexity of the project. However, we strive to deliver your fully functional landing page within 2-4 weeks from the start of the project.

Our service package includes the initial design and development of the landing page. If you require ongoing maintenance, updates, or additional features, we can discuss tailored packages to suit your needs.